Shamaanirummun hoito-ohjeet

Care instructions for Shaman Drums

How the drum works

Vainajala drums are made of real reindeer rawhide which is a living material that reacts to air humidity or dryness, and to changes in temperature. Cold and moist air makes the drum head loose whereas dry and hot air makes it tight. If the drum head tightens too much it can even tear apart so it shouldn't be stored near radiators or fireplaces. However, if the drum is loose when played, it can be tightened carefully by a campfire or even with a hairdryer. If the drum is too tight when played it can be taken outside for a while. It is said that every drum has a spirit of their own so every drum acts a bit differently. Get to know your drum so you'll learn its behavior patterns and know how to find the best tone for it.


Greasing the drum skin

The drum head sometimes needs a little maintenance to play beautifully and stay flexible. The leather must therefore be greased two or three times a year, so that it does not dry out too much. A natural beeswax-based leather care conditioner, for example harness grease, is suitable for the purpose. Grease the leather all over, remember to grease the edges and the inside as well. If there are pictures painted on the drum, treat those areas with care. Regular greasing is worth remembering, even if you don't otherwise play the drum for a while, this way the drum can withstand time even while waiting on the wall. A well-maintained drum rewards its player!

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