Stressi ja Rumpu

Drum as a stress reliever

Stress inevitably affects each of our lives from time to time. Stress has a good purpose because it makes us able to function, but if it goes on for too long, it can be accompanied by fatigue, exhaustion and even various inflammatory or anxiety states. However, the body has a natural way to remove stress – a spontaneous shivering reaction which for example animals can automatically do in stressful situations and simply shiver and shake off the stress. Even children know this skill, but for some reason it is often forgotten when they grow up. Based on this biological self-regulation ability, even a form of therapy has been developed, TRE (Trauma Releasing Exercises), where the skill is relearned.

A Happy Cat

Cats purr when they are happy, but also when they are anxious or afraid. A cat's purr is caused by vibrating muscles that move the vocal cords, and researchers believe that it is more about muscle reactions than communication. The purring happens in low-frequencies and can facilitate breathing, heal bones and injuries, grow muscles and repair tendons, and act as a form of pain relief. Positive effects have also been noticed among cat owners: owners have been found to have a lower risk of heart attack and lower blood pressure after hearing the purr.

Can drums act as a therapy tool?

Traditionally, shamans have used their drum to enter a trance. The strong sound and steady beat of the drum is very meditative and focusing on the sound helps to calm down a busy or anxious mind. The low-frequency vibration of the drum is relaxing and passes through the whole body, so you could think that drumming is also physically therapeutic, a bit like TRE therapy or cat purring.

Nature connection

Humans need contact with nature to feel well, but sometimes this is forgotten in today's hectic world. A drum made of natural materials radiates earthly connection and can help you find your connection with nature again. Try going into the forest to drum with an open mind and you can experience the nature's strong energy world in a whole new way.

Woman with a shaman drum
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