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Vainajala is a small Finnish craftsman company from Pori, Finland. Vainajala was born from a lifestyle, love for history, crafts and music. Inspiration for the design language of the products can be found in our ancient world, archaeological finds, nature and mythology.

Customer feedback

  • "The delivery of the T-shirt was surprisingly fast (the estimated delivery time was more than a week, but it arrived in the mailbox already on the fourth weekday). The size was appropriate, and the measurements corresponded to the instructions. The material is a pleasant, light and thin shirt. The neckline is wide. The picture is beautiful! Thank you!"

    - Miia

  • "I am very happy with the purchase. The drum quality is amazing. You can see that high-quality materials were used. It was also packaged very well to keep the drums safe during the shipping. The artwork of the bear is stunning and the the sound of the drums is very good."

    - Inga

  • "The service worked really well. I ordered a custom rattle for which I could choose anything for rattles and decorations. I received a drawing of the final result before they started working on the real rattle. The rattle arrived quickly and it is even more beautiful than in the pictures. Its sound is gentle and soothing. I will rattle it every day!"

    - Tino

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