Behind the products

Vainajala was born from a lifestyle, love for history, crafts and music. The visual artist and musician Jemina Kärvi from Pori, Finland, works behind the brand. Her husband Henri Virolainen also works in the background. Inspiration for the products can be found from our ancient world, archaeological finds, nature and mysticism, and they are designed and made by hand in a small home workshop in Pori.

Ecology and ethicalness are Vainajala's most important values, so we prefer to use domestic materials and especially prefer local operators whenever possible.


What does Vainajala mean?

Vainajala is a Finnish word and it means underworld or netherworld, a supernatural place for the dead. Helheim, Tártaros, Tuonela, Xibalba: the concept of underworld can be found in many civilizations through history. In Finland Vainajala was a place from where you could reach your dead relatives or seek counsel when needed - today it feels a perfect word to describe our company as we also seek a connection with the past and the ancient world that has been long gone.


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