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The Drum of Your Dreams

The Drum of Your Dreams

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This drum is made exactly according to your wishes. The drum is dyed with the colors you want or painted with images that are important to you.

It is impossible to predict the final result of the dyeing process 100%, but there also lies the beauty of the process: color and leather work together in their own way, forming patterns and color layers that would be impossible to paint by human hands. On the other hand, the pictures or patterns are always painted by hand, with the precise hand of the visual artist, so it is possible to paint almost anything on the drum. We want you to love your drum and we do everything we can to make that possible. We always go over the plans with the customer before painting the drum.

When you add The Drum of Your Dreams to your shopping cart and place an order, we will contact you and review your wishes. The price of the drum depends on the size of the drum and the size of the painting process, and a custom-made drum is always slightly more expensive than the ready-made drums found on our website. Before starting the final work, we charge half of the price of the work, and the rest is charged after the work is completed. The delivery time is from a week to a few months. The price of the drum includes a drum stick, which is also made by hand in our home workshop. The drum comes with care and consecrating instructions.

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