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Ritual Drum / The Goddess / S

Ritual Drum / The Goddess / S

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This small ritual drum is handmade in our workshop in Finland. The drum membrane is Finnish reindeer rawhide, which is first dyed with natural water-based dyes and then painted by hand with acrylic paints. The frame is bent from birch plywood, dyed with water-based dye and waxed with wood wax.

The drum depicts the Venus of Willendorf, a statue from the Stone Age, which depicts a naked woman in sumptuous form. The Abundant Goddess has been a symbol of survival and an ideal of beauty.

The price includes a drum stick, which may differ in color and shape from the mallet in the picture. The drum comes with care and consecration instructions.

- Diameter: 35cm x 35 cm x 10cm

- Materials: Finnish reindeer hide, birch plywood, natural colors, water stain, wood wax, linen thread, acrylic paint

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